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Jeffrey appeared on NPR's "The Take Away" on the morning of January 1st, 2010 and he hypnotized their host Luke Burbank to quit eating junk food.

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On October 14th, 2009 the Advanced Hypnosis Center sponsored the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food's Fall Benefit at artist Peter Max's Studio.

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Jeffrey Rose will be teaching a classes at the New York Open Center on how hypnosis can free us from our bad habits, fears and addictions. A WEEKLY COURSE (4 sessions)Mondays, July 29–August...

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On May 1, 2009 Jeffrey attended the NY State Children & Nature Conference in Saratoga and spoke with keynote speaker Richard Louv, the author of "Last Child in the Woods"...


CNN Correspondent Lola Ogunnakie visited the Advanced Hypnosis Center to interview Jeffrey Rose about hypnosis to quit smoking on a segment called "Kick the Butt" about President Obama quitting smoking...


On March 11th, 2010 Jeffrey attended Tobacco and Obesity Prevention Summit (Dorado,PR) He spoke with Puerto Rico Commissioner of Health, Dr.  Lorenzo Gonzalez, about promoting health through hypnosis



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Our Holistic Approach with Hypnosis
Our mission here at the Advanced Hypnosis Center is to help you resolve your particular challenges more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible. We offer individualized programs that are tailored to your specific needs with compassion and respect.  Our devoted and professional staff will help you on a holistic level as well.  We will inspire and motivate you to adopt healthier habits along the way, which we feel is essential to make your body, mind and emotions function at their greatest capacity. We will provide you with the knowledge and skills to make healthier choices. You will also be informed about proper nutrition, exercise, breathing and sleep hygiene that will be a permanent resource for you.

You will leave New York's Advanced Hypnosis Center, making better nutritional choices, getting more exercise, sleeping better and feeling better. You will be surprised and delighted to find yourself living your life in a more positive way with far greater personal resources. Your positive changes will be long lasting at the Advanced Hypnosis Center. 

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